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Medical Aid

Medical Aid

MST Financial Services will assist you in identifying a medical plan that fits you and your family's needs. MST also provide medical aid for the employees in your business.

Contact Us and we will help you identify a suitable medical plan.

Financial Planning

Long-Term Insurance

MST Financial Services will help you plan for your future. A comprehensive financial plan will ensure you are prepared for the unexpected.

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Secure your future with comprehesive financial planning

Short Term Risks

Short-Term Insurance

MST's short-term insurance division recognises that this is a monthly expense you hate, but cannot do without. With MST, you'll cut the costs without cutting the service!

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See if you can reduce your monthly short-term insurance bill


Have you recently started a new job, got married, had a child? Are you planning to retire? You need to relook at your financial plan. More on financial planning for individuals ...


The growth and future of your business depends on your partners, key people, employees and assets. More on Financial Planning for Businesses...
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Compound Interest

The power of compound interest

Start investing today and discover the power of compound interest.

About MST

About MST Financial Services Pty (Ltd)

MST is an independent insurance brokerage based in Gauteng, South Africa. MST will give you unbiased, objective financial advice for both your short-term and long-term insurance needs. We enjoy a long-term relation with our clients who range from individuals through to small and medium sized businesses. At MST we cannot predict your future, but we can certainly help you plan for it. It;s never too late to start, so contact MST today and develop a financial plan that will secure your future.

MST is registered with the Financial Services Board of South Africa and is an approved Financial Services Provider.

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