Financial Planning for Businesses

Business Owner Financial Planning Checklist

If you own a small to medium sized business use this checklist to see if your financial planning is on track:

  1. Are you in a Partnership? What plans do I have in place should one of your partners pass away or become disabled?
  2. Have you thought about your Key People? What would I do if something should happen to one of my key people?
  3. What about You? If something should happen to you how would your overheads be covered so as to keep your business running?
  4. And your Employees? How are you meeting your employee benefit requirements?

If you have any questions then Contact MST Financial Services to help you develop a financial plan looking at all aspects of your business - the entity, the owners and the employees.

Do you Know?

Partnership Insurance: What will happen to your business if one of your partners should die or become disabled?

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Key Man Insurance: Have you thought about how much it would cost you to replace a  key person in your company?

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Partnership Insurance

All business owners must make provision for partnership insurance, suretyship protection, income replacement and loan account redemption insurance.

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Keyman Insurance

When looking at the legal entity of your business you need to consider 4 areas - your business overheads, key people, assets and alternative gearing.

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Employee Benefits

Your employees are key assets. Include in your planning employee benefits such as pension and provident funds, staff retention incentives, medical aid.

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