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Your Life

Your Life covers 2 areas – Risk Planning and Estate Planning.

Risk Planning is about providing financial security for you and your family in the event of dread disease, disability or death. Estate Planning is about ensuring that there is enough money to pay all the costs that your estate could be facing in the event of your death.

Risk Planning

When doing your Risk Planning you should ask yourself:

  • Will my dependants have sufficient money to meet their daily and future needs should I die today?
  • Can my debt obligations be met?
  • If I should become disabled, will I have sufficient money to meet my daily and future needs?

Your answers will determine what mix and quantities of life insurance , disability cover  and dread disease cover you need. There are risk cover benefits available which enable you to select (and pay for) only the cover that you need. As your circumstances change and your needs evolve, you can simply add or remove benefits. No need to buy other policies or terminate existing ones. Contact Us to review your current policies and make sure you are getting the best benefits for your risk planning investment.

Estate Planning

When doing your Estate Planning you need to look at 3 areas:

  1. Your will – is your will up to date, have your made sure it is simple and clear and there will be no confusion about your intensions?
  2. The liquidity of your estate – Do you know how much cash your estate needs should you die? Your estate must have enough cash to pay for expenses like executor fees, master fees, outstanding loans, bank overdraft, credit cards etc. (See this article on how to ensure your estate is liquid.)
  3. Estate Duty Tax – there are ways of reducing the tax your estate will need to pay. Do not make the mistake of tackling this area without professional advice. (See this article on estate duty tax.)

There are common pitfalls that many people make when doing their estate planning. Speak to us so as to avoid these estate planning pitfalls . And have you thought about what records you should keep so as to make it easier for your heirs and the executors of your estate?

Proper Estate Planning - which ensures that your estate is kept intact for your heirs, rather than torn apart with taxes and lawyers fees - requires professional advice. Contact Us to assist you with preserving your estate for your heirs.

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