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Your Wealth

The Your Wealth section of your financial plan looks at how you are planning to build wealth that will help you:

  • live your dreams AND
  • enjoy a financially secure retirement.

Building this part of your financial plan, is not about "get rich quick" schemes. It's about medium to long-term wealth creation with a clear vision of what you want out of life and how you are going to achieve it.

The products that we look at in Your Wealth are aimed at doing exactly this:

  • Tax free savings plans – these help you save for specific goals (e.g. an overseas trip or buy a new car) while enjoying tax saving benefits;
  • Education plans – help you build an investment to give your children the foundation they need to be successful in life;  
  • Unit trusts – allow you to take advantage of the growth in the stock market; and
  • Retirement plans – help you ensure that you will retire financially independent and in comfort.
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Your Life

Find out more about our life products:

  • risk planning to provide financial security in the event of death, disability or dread disease
  • estate planning to secure your estate for your heirs.
Your Health

Find out more about our health products

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