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Many people want different things when they say "I want a medical aid". This flow chart developed by Discovery Health, is a clever way of taking you through a thought process to define what exactly it is that you need.

First decide how much medical cover you want and then work through the rest of the decision path. Or you can Contact Us and we will help you identify a medical plan that best fits you and your family's needs.

Comprehensive Day-to- Day and Hospital Coverage

How much Medical Aid do you Require?

Extent of Coverage - Comprehensive Day-to-Day and Hospital Cover

Hospital limits or
Access to providers Hospital rates covered Chronic cover Plan to choose
None Unlimited access Private rates Unlimited for over 60 conditions Classic Comprehensive
Medical aid tariffs Essential Comprehensive
Co-payments on discretionary benefits Unlimited access Medical aid tariffs Limited to PMB Classic Priority
Essential Priority
Hospital and out-of-hospital restricted to network Medical aid tariffs Limited to PMB KeyCare Plus

Core Hospital and MSA Based Benefits

Extent of Coverage: Core Hospital and MSA based benefits

 Hospital limits or
Access to providers Hospital rates covered  Chronic cover  Plan to choose 
 None  Unlimited access  Private rates Limited to PMB Classic Saver
Classic Core
 Medical aid tariffs Limited to PMB Essential Saver
Essential Core
Coastal Saver
 Co-payments on discretionary benefits Network hospital Medical Aid tariffs Limited to PMB Coastal Core
Keycare Core
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