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Disability Cover

Should you become unable to earn an income through extended illness or an accident and you become medically unable to continue working, and therefore lose your ability to generate an income. Your savings account will possibly not be sufficient to carry you financially until you make a full recovery. By obtaining sufficient disability cover, you can ensure that you will have enough money to keep you and your family financially secure.

What expenses should you provide for?

  • You should make sure your basic life expenses can still be covered – for example your car payments, home loan, children's school fees.
  • Medical expenses – you may need some form of treatment or therapy (for example, special nursing care). This will definitely affect your budget.
  • If you were to end up in a wheelchair, you may need to adapt your home and your car to improve your mobility.
  • Treatment in a recuperation clinic or a rehabilitation clinic.
  • Professional medical care at home.
  • Childcare.
  • Long leave to convalesce.
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