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Retirement Planning

Retirement is a fact of life. The problem is that currently only 6 out of every 100 South Africans can afford to retire. The rest have to either keep on working or rely on family, government or welfare support.

So what can you do to ensure that you retire in security and comfort? The answer is to start planning for your retirement as soon as possible. With proper planning you can be one of the 6% whose golden years are the best years of their lives.

Retirement planning is a life long process. The earlier you start the better and with regular reviews you can enjoy a financially carefree retirement. Because planning for your retirement is critical, please Contact Us to help you structure and maintain your retirement plan. We will conduct a regular assessment of your changing financial circumstances as well as help you take advantage of the markets where appropriate.

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Check if your are investing enough for your retirement using this retirement calculator. If you need any retirement planning advice, don't hesitate to contact MST.

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