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Records you Should Keep

You’ll make life a lot easier for your heirs and executors if your records are in order. Record all this information and file it away safely, letting your spouse know where you have put it. Make at least one extra copy, perhaps giving this to a trusted family member not living with you (in case a fire destroys your records).

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The following is a reasonably comprehensive list of the records you should keep.
(We have given you the ability to print this list out. Just click on the print icon above.)

  1. Full names, ID numbers or a birth certificate.
  2. Certified Photostat copies of all-important documents with a "spare set".
  3. Tax number and whereabouts of current and past tax returns/files.
  4. Name and number of bank accounts and credit cards. Include details of contents of safety deposit box at bank.
  5. Whereabouts of will and when last version was updated. Include names of your executors; pension or provident fund membership and number.
  6. A checklist of what to do or not to do in the event of death e.g. the name of church or priest, how to arrange the funeral (is there a special hymn you want played?), specific advice to the surviving spouse (e.g. don’t be talked into making a hasty investment while still in shock).
  7. Name of employer, business partners and any business insurance or contracts.
  8. Names of domestic servants and any special arrangements you may want to make for them.
  9. Names of pets and instructions on their care.
  10. Details of things you own - e.g. shares, fixed deposits, life insurance and retirement annuities, unit trusts, bonds. Include overseas assets and investments. Specify their latest values as well as policy/certificate/share numbers and state where originals are kept.
  11. Details of short-term insurance.
  12. Your medical aid, blood group, organ donation bequest form.
  13. Name of doctor, dentist, and lawyer and nearest relative other than your spouse (in case of an accident that kills both of you).
  14. Major debts outstanding, sureties.
  15. Ante-nuptial contracts, divorce papers, passports, other contracts.
  16. House and other property details including erf number, whereabouts of keys to safe (ensure your spare keys are labeled), special possessions, computer and other passwords (if applicable), valuation certificate of valuables.
  17. Details of your funeral policies, cemetery plot, car registration papers/other important papers, gun license.
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