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Financial Planning for Individuals

Why do you need a financial plan? If anything has changed in your life recently (e.g. a child, a divorce, a death, a marriage) then you definitely need to relook at your financial plan. Even if things are relatively unchanged, ask yourself these questions and you will understand why a financial plan is so important.

Financial Planning Questions:

  • Would my family manage financially if I were to die today?
  • If I were unable to work and earn an income would we manage financially?
  • Would my family be able to live our future dreams should I suffer a life altering illness?

If you answered No to any of these questions, you need a financial needs analysis! Contact MST today. We will assess your needs in 3 areas: Your Life,Your Wealth and Your Health

Did you know?

Estate Planning: It takes 40 years to build up an estate. Surely, it is worthwhile spending 40 minutes a year making sure that it's done properly?

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Retirement Planning: Retirement is a fact of life, yet only 6 out of every 100 people retiring today are financially independent!

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Your Life

Your Life looks at how you can provide financial security in the event of death, disability or dread disease.

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Mum, Dad and Baby

Your Wealth

Your financial plan looks at ways to build Your Wealth through savings and investment products that will grow your money.

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Grow Your Wealth

Your Health

Look after Your Health by ensuring that your medical cover will give you and your loved ones access to the best medical care available.

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Your Health

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