Short-Term Insurance

MST Financial Services now offers you short-term insurance - a monthly expense you cannot afford to be without.

"I don't know why I waited so long to get another quote on my premiums! MST have cut my monthly costs by 1 third, for the same benefits!", A Kilian, 2008

The risks are too high to not be covered. At MST you will get short-term insurance at the best price with the best service.

Take the opportunity today to see if you can reduce your monthly expense. It's not going to cost you anything, and you could save a lot!

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Did you know?

MST pro-actively reviews your insurance rates annually to ensure you are getting the best rate.

Your premium is guaranteed for a year and reviewed on the anniversary of your policy start date.

10 Reasons to Join MST

Short-Term Insurance Offering

Out of all the thousands of short-term insurance companies. why join MST? Well, here's some compelling reasons:

  1. Individual Risk Rating:
    A good risk client will not subsidise high claiming clients. Your premium will be reviewed annually to make sure you are paying the best price for your cover.
  2. Guaranteed Premiums:
    Your premium is guaranteed for a year and reviewed on the anniversary of your policy start date.
  3. Motor-Only Cover:
    You can get insurance just for your vehicle with no extract loading on your rates.
  4. Flexible premium payments:
    Pay your premium on any day of the month. A pro-rata rate will be calculated to make sure you are covered as quickly as possible.
  5. Immediate Claim Refund
    No waiting for months to have your claim paid out. If approved, your claim will be paid out immediately!
  6. Fixed Excesses
    You pay the same excess no matter how high the claim. No sliding scale depending on the type or size of the claim.
  7. No-Claim Cash Back
    15% of all your premiums will be paid back after 4 claim free years. If you'd rather keep you monthly repayment as low as possible, you don't need to choose this option and your premium will be even cheaper!
  8. Roadside Assist
    A free 24-hour roadside service and certain home and office assistance is also available.
  9. Car Rental
    Need a car rental option should your car be out of action? Your choice includes luxury sedans, LDV's and even medium sized commercial vehicles.
  10. Automatic Cover Reinstatement
    Once you submit a claim, the cover for that item is automatically reinstated at no additional cost.

And for those who need business cover, get yourself covered on anything from adhoc client visits to deliveries.

Why wait - get a free, no obligation quote today and you could be saving youself money tomorrow!

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